Grading Policy:

    Tests/Quizzes: 35%

    • Tests and/or quizzes should be expected on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the chapter or unit, for the specific course of study.

    Projects: 20%

    • Projects may be assigned in lieu of a test, in addition to regular classroom assignments, and/or as a culminating activity at the end of a chapter or unit.

    Class work: 30%

    • The Class work grade includes coming to class on time, being prepared, class participation, and staying on task.  Points will be taken off accordingly for students that do not follow through with these expectations.

    Homework: 15%

    • Students should expect homework two to four times each week, depending on the course of study.
    • If a student does not have his/her homework completed, it will be accepted one day late and twenty points will be taken off.


    * In an effort to improve students’ writing skills across the curriculum, incomplete sentences will not be accepted. Students that turn assignments in with incomplete sentences will not earn credit for the assignment. This will be explained in detail by each classroom teacher.


    Make up Policy:

    It is the students’ responsibility to make up any missed assignments, tests or quizzes because of an absence. If a student is absent the day a test or quiz is given, he/she will be responsible for taking it when he/she returns to school.  Students missing more than one day of school will be given the number of days they were absent to make up any missed assignments, tests or quizzes.


    Late work Policy:

    A student who is present the day something is due, but does not have it will have an opportunity to turn it in late.  Projects, essays, or any other assignments (not including tests, quizzes, or homework) turned in after the due date will lose points as follows:

      • 1 day late = 20 points off
      • 2 days late = 40 points off
      • 3 days late = 60 points off
      • 4 or more days late = a zero (0)


Last Modified on October 24, 2019