• Rules and Consequences Contract for Mrs. Nikolic’s Class - 2023-2024


    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    On the second day of school, the children worked cooperatively to develop a set of class rules and consequences.  These rules and consequences are now posted in our classroom.  Please review these with your child often.  Since it is important for the children to feel that they are responsible members of our classroom community, please review these with your child often


    Thank you for your cooperation!


    Our Class Rules:

    1.  Be Respectful

    2.  Take Responsibility

    3.  Always Cooperate

    4.  Follow Directions

    5.  Be Ready – Be Prepared


    Class Consequences:

    1st time: Warning

    2nd time: Red Card

    3rd time: Apology Writing Assignment

    4th time: Parent Notification

    5th time: Visit with Dr. Bombardier and/or Ms. Olsen





    *Verbal Praise

    *Positive Phone Calls/Emails/Notes

    *Class Surprises/Rewards


Last Modified on September 9, 2023