• Policies for Submitting Work Electronically

     (Effective September 2023)



    •  *Work must be submitted ON TIME in order to receive FULL CREDIT 


    Homework and Classwork are not accepted late.  Late=0

    Projects and Graded Assignments:  One day late=half credit

    Two days late (or more) = no credit

    (days late are determined by Google Classroom--the system tells you and me how many days late things are)



    Classwork that is given a time limit in class to complete, MUST be completed DURING that time. (ex: journals, test, quizzes, etc.) Failure to do so will result in  NO CREDIT and NO MAKE UP.


    The Google Classroom keeps track of all your work and due dates.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  to check it DAILY--along with the Student Portal.


    •  *Make Up Work Due to Absence



    School policy applies:  You have one day to make up work for each day absent.  (ex: if you are absent two days, you have two days to make up work)

    You are responsible for turning in all make up work ON TIME.  Same policies in item #1  apply for ON TIME make up work.  


    TEST/QUIZ Make Ups:  These will be done by appointment.  Failure to complete the make-up during your appointed time will result in NO CREDIT and NO MAKE UP 

Last Modified on September 5, 2023