Class Expectations


    In order to ensure learning and safety of everyone in my classes, the following are expected to be followed:


    1.     Be in class on time and have materials ready.

    2.     Respect yourself, your classmates, and your community.

    3.     Follow all school rules as outlined in the agenda.

    Listen to and follow instructions the first time they are given.


    Grading Policy


    30% Tests

    25% Quizzes

    25% Participation/Classwork

    20% Homework


    Participation/Classwork  - Communication is critical in language learning.  Students are expected to pay attention, participate and make attempts, and speak French.  Students will not be penalized for wrong answers, but it is important that they make an effort.  They are also expected to carefully complete all classwork. Daily records will be kept assessing student participation.


    Homework is to be done on time.  No credit will be given for assignments handed in late. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to make up the work upon their return.


    Written practice both through classwork and homework, is necessary in order to prepare for quizzes and tests.  Therefore, it is important that students do a meticulous job, as this will have a direct impact on how they perform on assessments. 

Last Modified on November 16, 2011