• Teaching Philsophy

          As physical education and health teachers we must constantly explore new ideas, philosophies, theories, and strategies to effectively teach and successfully learn.  We must use these approaches to teach our students how to also teach each other and learn in new ways.  Research is important to help implement rules and to also create a comfortable environment for students to learn.  A teacher cannot teach without understanding the reason why and how children and adolescents learn.  As a department we will incorporate activities and challenges that will help our students achieve skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

          Our lessons will be highly structured and guided based upon the findings of current research and will comply with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Students will connect with all forms of learning by introducing new ways of fitness and wellness.  Upon arrival to Matawan Regional High School or students will have prior knowledge of key concepts and movement skills.  It is our job to guide our students on how to improve their level of fitness through a variety of sports and recreational learning activities. Each student is unique with their own style of learning.  As their instructors we will recognize their level and style of learning and help to foster an understanding or the course content.  Students will be assessed based upon their understanding of material, classroom discussion, participation in activities, and application of information.

          As different individuals, students will be treated and taught in a way that maximizes their individual growth and learning.  A students feeling should be recognized and respected in the same way that we will be looking for respect from students.  Learners will contribute all they know about the subject with their peers in the classroom.  There are many times that students are the best teachers to themselves and their classmates.  We are dedicated to helping students develop a strong self-esteem and respect for themselves, peers, and other teachers.  We wish to have a safe and secure classroom that students feel comfortable and accepted in.  An effective teacher should ensure they intentionally make students aware of high expectations, course goals, and daily objectives. Our role as a department is not only to assess students directly, but to guide students towards self reflection, and to positively critique their peers.  We believe in the pursit of all 21st Century Skills, by creating interdisciplinary lessons that will positively influence our students socially, emotionally, and physically for a lifetime.

Last Modified on September 4, 2012