• Dear Parents and Guardians,


                My name is Robert Carnovsky and I will be your child’s history instructor for this school year.  I deem parental involvement in the education of their child essential.  At this time, you can become familiarized with the many educational beliefs that I hold strong.

    I want your child to enter my classroom on a daily basis with an eagerness to learn triggered by the positive and compassionate atmosphere that I present.  Every student, regardless of ability or learning style, will recognize and meet a daily goal with enthusiasm.  I will convey various types of information in a creative manner that will leave your child confidant in what is being taught.  I will ensure that during the forty-six minute class period, you child will feel safe knowing that any problems they have will be met with my positive attitude to help them.
    This webpage has many uses for you and your child.  You will receive an invaluable list of important dates, phone numbers, as well as school and classroom policies.  I hope to hear from you or see you at parent conferences so we can start to build the foundation a healthy relationship.  This relationship will only enhance your child’s educational experience in my class and in the school as a whole.
    Thank you in advance and I look forward to making your acquaintance.


                Mr. Robert J. Carnovsky

                Social Studies Teacher

Last Modified on September 9, 2012