• Student Placement Process 

    Upon administering the placement test for students in grades K-12, the ESL teacher will score the test, make necessary recommendations and add the information to Realtime and the ESL District  Spreadsheet..  Students who score below the state established cut-off score on the WIDA MODEL are identified as pupils of limited English proficiency (N.J.A.C. 6A:15-1.2) and are deemed eligible for English Language Services.

    1. ESL Teacher administers WIDA MODEL test
    2. ESL Teacher scores test using WIDA guidelines and WIDA calculator
    3. Students scoring below a composite score of 4.5 are eligible for ESL services
    4. ESL teacher sends home parent consent form 
    5. Once a consent form  is received (or within 5 days of sending the form home), the ESL teacher adds student information to Realtime, the district spreadsheet, and informs administration.
    6. The ESL teacher creates a Language Support Plan (LSP)  for the new ESL student and shares it with all content area teachers.
    7. Administration at each school creates a schedule for new students placing the child in an ESL class.
      1. Students in grades K-3 are placed in an SEI homeroom as well as 1 period of ESL pull out ESL daily.
      2. Students in grades 4-8 are placed in 2 periods of ESL daily.
      3. High School Students are placed in the MRHS ESL classes.
    8.  The following documents are kept in an ESL file.
    9. Home Language Survey
    10. WIDA Model placement results
    11. Parent Consent Form
    12. Language Support Plan

    Parent Notification

    • The district must notify parents that their child has been identified for enrollment in an ESL program. Each school year, parents ESL students should be informed of their children’s status and of their rights to decline program participation through the initial consent form and the continuation of services form (Appendix 2)
    •  For ESL students who are currently enrolled in a program, this notification should take place in September.  ESL teachers will send home the continuation of services form to all students who will remain in the ESL program.
    • Newly enrolled students who qualify for services will receive an initial consent form to be sent home by the ESL teachers.  

    Refusal of Services

    Note:  If a parent refuses enrollment of a limited English proficient student in an ESL program, then the child cannot be enrolled in the program. 

    • The student will participate in Access 2.0 testing each year until he or she meets the 4.5 proficiency level. 
    • The law and administrative code do not allow for an appeal process for school districts. Once the student is enrolled, he/she may only be removed at the end of each school year, during the first three years of a pupil’s participation in a program.
    • A decline of services form will be stored in the student’s ESL folder.  No additional consent forms will be sent home.

    Please note:  Whenever feasible, with parents of students in ESL program, MARSD

    will communicate in a language parents can understand.

Last Modified on March 21, 2022