•  Intensive Teaching:

    • Intensive Teaching is structured teaching which takes place at the students individual Intensive Teaching Table.

    • Skills from IEP goals derived from the ABLLS and VB-MAPP assessments are taught and reviewed at the table daily.

    • Ideally skills are taught and reviewed several times per day.



    • Taking target skills from the table and teaching them in the natural environment to enhance generalization of skills!



    • During a structured table top activity, the student will mand (request) for items in a puzzle, game, etc.


    Direct Instruction Programs  

    • Reading Mastery 

    • Connecting Math 

    • Language for Learning 


    Independent Work and Independent Play:

    • Is a skill to teach children to complete work or play independently

    • Teaches children how to gain teacher attention when needed

    • Completed once a day

    • Data is taken on this Skill