Digital Art gives students the skills and tools necessary to work as freelance digital illustrators or as team members in digital art and design studios. Focusing primarily on the rendering of imagery for advertising, commercial, and entertainment purposes, Digital Art combines traditional drawing and painting skills with new media digital applications and output strategies.

    SKILLS TAUGHT IN COURSE: Adobe Photoshop photo manipulation and Digital Illustration techniques.


    • differentiate between the many different fields of illustration;
    • understand how illustration fits into the workflow of digital design;
    • create compelling spot illustrations for multiple media usage;
    • successfully combine traditional drawing and painting media and techniques with digital tools and applications;
    • organize an illustration portfolio to reflect a career direction
    • develop a distinct, individual illustration style; and prepare successful digital files for print and/or screen display.

    GRADING: Digital Art is divided into a 50/50 grading system. Half of the course grade is DAILY PARTICIPATION. This includes How Student uses their time in class, Class Lates, Assignment readiness with needed supplies, and Work Ethic. The other half of the course is through PROJECTS. Students will be assessed on their work through a VISUAL ARTS RUBRIC. Critiques of student work may also be included to enhance student awareness of their progress.

    CLASS RULES:All school rules are applied to this class. When Students have a new assignment, students will find take an assignment outline, review and wait for class to begin for instructor to discuss assignment. When students have an existing assignment, students will go to assigned computer and continue to work on assignments, even if class has not begun

    RESPONSBILIY AND REPLACEMENT FOR DAMAGE: Digital Art 1 uses both the Wacom Tablet Mice/Pens and MAC Computers. If there is an ongoing assignment, students are to go to the designated area where the mice are stored, select a mouse, go back to their computer and begin working. All Students are required to return the same Wacom Mouse to the designated area. All computers are to be logged off at the end of the period. The instructor will notify students when they have two minutes left in class for their final save. Students should get into the habit of saving every five minutes of work, to ensure all unsaved progress is saved, and not lost if the computer were to crash. ANY STUDENT CAUGHT DAMAGING EQUIPMENT WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND REPLACEMENT OF DAMGAGE ITEM.

    INTERNET USEAGE IN CLASS: During Class, students will be using the Internet to research material, including images for websites, Tutorials, and other web design related content. No student will need to use any outside devices, and no student will begin assignment without instructor approval. Any student being caught view any objectionable/offensive material will be subject to displananry action and/or removal from the course.

Last Modified on September 12, 2020