• I teach 5 sections of Lab Chemistry (General College Prep). These are periods 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8. The google classroom codes are listed below.

    Google Classroom Codes:
    Period 2: 4u77bp4
    Period 3: r6oyabi
    Period 5: oemwg6t
    Period 7: 43bc72v
    Period 8: rpu7kqa

    We do not have double period labs this year; labs will be incorporated into regular class time.

    The syllabus for this course can be viewed in the google classrooms.

    Course Outline 

    1st Half

    2nd Half

    Unit 1: Introduction to Chemistry*

    Unit 2: Dimensional Analysis*

    Unit 3: Atomic Structure

    Unit 4: Electron Configurations

    Unit 5: Periodic Trends

    Unit 6: Bonding 

    Unit 7: Naming and Formula Writing

    Unit 8: Chemical Reactions

    Unit 9: The Mole*

    Unit 10: Stoichiometry*

    *Chapters requiring calculations

    *Chapters requiring calculations

    Grading Breakdown





    There will be  homework assignments for every topic.


    Laboratory Reports/Activities 

    This includes a grade for the lab write-up and a Pass or Fail participation grade per lab completed. A passing grade will be received if the student follows proper safety procedures and instructions for the lab.



    There will be a quiz on every lesson/topic.



    There will be 2-3 unit tests per marking period.                 


    Classwork and Participation

    This includes the assignments done during class time,  how well your preparedness for class,  notebook activities, and teacher prepared worksheets that go with the lessons and following procedure and class expectations. 


    Course Communication

    Class Announcements

    Google Classroom

    Email/Personal Messages

    When writing a message, please follow the expectations below:

    Include your name, the class name, subject of the message (e.g., Heather Smith - Lab Chem Period 2 - HW)

    Be specific about what you need clarification on or what your questions are.

    Note: It may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply during the week and 48 hours on the weekend, so do not wait until the last minute to send a message if you need help.

    General Questions

    If you have a question about the course or an assignment, we encourage you to post your question in the Google Classroom “stream.” The stream is visible to the entire class community, so we encourage you to both ask and answer questions there. If a classmate asks a question and you know the answer, please jump in and help them out!