Degrees and Certifications:

Course Pacing

Math  Grade 7 Regular 
September - Mid November: Number Sense
Mid November - End of January: Pre-Algebra (solving equations & inequalities) 
February - March: Ratio Proportions and Percents
April - Mid May: Geometry
Mid May -June: Statistics
 Math  Accelerated 
September - Mid-November -  Solving Equations, transformations, angles, and triangles
Mid-November - End of December -  Graphing and Writing Linear Equations, Systems of Linear Equations, Functions
January - February - Ratio Proportions and Percents & Geometry - Volume of solids and similar and congruent figures 
March - April - Data Analysis and Displays
May and June - Real numbers, Pythagorean Theorem, Scientific notation, and rules of exponents
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