Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

    Office of Curriculum & Instruction
    One Crest Way
    Aberdeen, NJ 07747

    Department Vision:
    To assure that all students receive a high quality education that meets their diverse needs through a supportive and caring faculty who are continually challenged to improve the curriculum and delivery of instruction by ongoing participation in professional development and peer review opportunities.



    Meet Our C&I Team


    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
    Mr. John Bombardier - jbombardier@marsd.org
    Confidential Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of C&I
    Fran Ferrara - fferrar@marsd.org
    (732) 705-4020
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction PreK - 5 
    Mona Tobia - mtobia@marsd.org
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction Secondary 6-12
    Elford Rawls-Dill, Ph.D. - erawls@marsd.org 
    Confidential Secretary to the Directors
    Darlene Gallagher - dgallagher@marsd.org
    (732) 705-4061
    Technology Coach
    Mark Irons - mirons@marsd.org
Last Modified on September 13, 2017