• Hello ! Welcome to Mr. Komito's Webpage!

    Name: Mr. Marc Komito
    Email Address: mkomito@marsd.org
    Phone number: 732-705-5200

    Students, Google Classroom will be our hub for everything course related. Please remember that you need to be logged in to your MARSD Google account to access this site and all its contents.
    Class Codes:
    Geometry Honors Pd 1: 7zprktn
    Geometry Honors Pd 3: rfuclg6
    CCR                    Pd 4: taknuxa
    Geometry Honors Pd 6: 7zqmgnn
    Geometry Honors Pd 8: ei3nvmg
    Google Meet links can be found at the header of each class page.
    The syllabus is located on your child's Google Classroom page.
    Parents, email me a request to be activated as a guardian on your child's Google Classroom account.  You will receive weekly updates for your child utilizing this service. Truth be told, as a parent, I find these logs useless. To be maximally informed, view your child's class page with them to view current assigments and expectations.
    You will not be able to view Google Classroom from a computer that's not logged into the MARSD system nor will you be able to see any documents that orginate from the MARSD servers. You can sidestep this by piggybacking your child's account.

    Also, please be sure to follow the Parent and Student Portal for information about current grades.





Last Modified on September 22, 2020