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    Name: Charles Marsh
    Email Address: cmarsh@marsd.k12.nj.us
    Phone number: 732-705-5200
    Career Empowerment Teacher
    Let me begin by stating that I hope all of the students at Matawan Regional High School have an awesome year academically and socially. Students should work diligently in the classroom and get involved in clubs and sports after school; it will make your high school experience more expeditious, memorable and exuberant.  Remember to use your manners and ask questions of all your teachers; you will catch more bees with honey, than you will with vinegar, and the questions you ask today will be the source of all your knowledge tomorrow.
    Students in my classroom will spend their semester developing organizational skills and life skills through the use of study skills, writing skills while exploring finanacial literacy and entrepreneurship. Your children will be exposed to Career Empowerment, Google Docs, Google Classroom, YouTube, Khan Academy, etc. These are educational websites designed to help students in their academic courses and standardized testing.  If you get an opportunity please visit the sites with your child; many of the sites have links on this page.
    I look forward to helping your children have a successful school year.
    ~Charles Marsh~
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Last Modified on September 9, 2022