• Dear Parents/Guardians:
    I am taking this opportunity to ask if you are aware that your child's gradebook will be available via Genisis. I have discussed grading in depth with your children.  Everything I put in the gradebook is as up to the minute as possible: assignments and grades; anytime you look at the gradebook, whatever grade is listed is the grade your child would get if the marking period were to end that day/minute.  It is important that you and I are on the same page when it comes to your child's progress, but it is equally important that your child be able to see their progress too. Their progress should be checked daily/weekly; there is no reason to be caught off guard by a poor grade in Career Empowerment.
    With that being said, let me explain to you how the gradebook works for Career Empowerment:
    Tests/Quizzes/Projects = 45%
    Classwork/Google Meets = 45%
    Homework = 10%
    Every assignment goes into my gradebook with a grade 0-100; that will be determined by completion, effort, and accuracy of work turned in.
    All numerical grades are final once an assignment is done and entered into the gradebook that is it.
    Blank assignments can still be turned in for credit, BUT they register in the gradebook as a 0 (zero); this way, you and your children can see in realtime what your class grade will look like if you don't complete the assignment.
    Tests & Quizzes grades are based upon mastery of the material and assignments.
    Classwork grades are based upon a combination of attitude and effort (show up, ask questions, answer questions, etc) in classroom discussions, lessons, and school work.
    Homework grades are based upon completion (completed =100/incomplete = 0).
    Please take the time out to check your child's grades throughout the marking period.  This way, no one can be surprised when report cards arrive home or online.  Once again, gradebooks are current daily; only blank assignments can still be completed and turned in to help improve classroom averages.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter; I look forward to a wonderful year with your children,
    ~Charles Marsh~
    Career Empowerment Teacher
    Matawan Regional High School
Last Modified on September 9, 2022