Chapter Outline Directions
    List of key vocabulary words
    Put a list of all vocabulary words that you think are important to the reading.  Scan the chapter before reading it closely, and try to pick out words that you will need to understand during reading that you did not know from previous work.
    Key Concepts
    In one or 2 clear sentences, summarize each of the key concepts in the reading.  Be certain to define all of the terms.
    Evidence and Examples
    Include your annotations to the reading.  This can include real-life examples, key concepts, diagrams, concept maps, and your own personal thoughts about the material.
    Scientific Writing Tips
    1. Gets right to the point (succinct)
    2. Uses lots of data for support
    3. Uses and explains multiple citations (utilizes the work of experts)
    4. Visuals always include captions and descriptions
    5. Uses transitions to divide and organize information
    6. Is written in the third person and geared towards the intended audience
Last Modified on September 9, 2019