Dear Parents,
         It is the responsibility of an educator to prepare the students for the future.  Students should leave the classroom in June more prepared for their future then they were when they entered it in September.  Because Biology affects all aspects of a person's life, I work hard to create an atmosphere that encourages students to develop important life skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, active listening, and interpersonal communication.
         Success in the classroom and in life often comes from maximizing one's strengths while improving upon one's weaknesses.  In order to encourage students to learn how to do this, I implement a wide variety of different learning activities ranging from student centered activities to more traditional Socratic methodologies.  In addition, students utilize individual inquiry-based hands-on laboratories as well as group projects.  The variety of assignments allows students to improve and grow in all academic areas while incorporating the Biology curriculum.  However, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  In order for students to improve, it is essential to create an environment where they are challenged.
         Teaching to the test has become a big issue in education.  My attitude has always been that the state tests are designed to reflect the minimum levels of knowledge that a student should possess.  The role of an educator should always be to help each student reach their maximum potential.  Challenging students to strive to do their best on a daily basis is the best way to ensure success on both the standardized tests and in their future endeavors.
         Although my class is challenging, I want to see every student succeed.  The ability to succeed is under the direct control of the student because the biggest determining factor of success is effort.  Students that complete all of the assignments on time and to the best of their abilities will always be successful.  If you ever have any questions or feel that there is something I should know about your son or daughter, do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to meeting you at future school events.
    Mr. Massimini
Last Modified on September 11, 2020