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    You should expect homework every night during the week; this will include reading from your book and a written assignment.  Make sure you write your homework down during each class session.  If the week has gone well, there will be no homework over the weekend. 


    What do I need to bring to class?

    1.         Binder

    2.       Textbook

    3.       Pen or Pencil

    4.       Good attitude


    You Should:

    1.         Arrive to class on time

    2.       Be prepared for class – bring your things with you every day

    3.       Participate in class

    4.       Complete homework assignments

    5.       Study for tests and quizzes

    6.       Do the best that you can do

    7.       Help other students in the class.   

                    Violations of the above rules will result in the following:

    A.     Warning

    B.      Teacher detention

    C.      Phone call home in addition to detention

    D.      Parent conference


Last Modified on September 24, 2018