• Listed below are general guidelines about what to expect during the school year.  If it is details you seek, please look no futher than your google classroom page.  See you there. 


    Homework for United States History I General Track

    You should expect homework every night during the week; this will include reading from your book and a written assignment.  Homework will usually consist of several questions at the end of the section from the previous nights reading. They will be checked in class.  Other assignments as homework may also be used from time to time.  Save all work, your quizzes will be open notes.. but there will be more expected on these assements so get organized and be ready. 
    ...For Honors..
    For the most part our homework assignments will be long range work.  Each chapter will have a guided reading packet with multiple choice, matching and other challenges including at least two essay assignments.  These essays must be submitted to turnitin.com.  There will also be a pre set number of pages to read each night that will be assigned in class.  At least one quiz per chapter will be based on the previous nights reading only.  Review games previous to chapter tests will also require student written questions to participate.  
    For the AP'ers... 
    Our homework will be similar to last years honors setup, but we will be moving a bit faster.  We will squeeze in more projects, more writing and more test time.   Packets with longer essays, un annoucned quizzes and lots of reading will be the norm.  Dont worry, you can do it :) 
Last Modified on September 24, 2018