• General Expectations:

    In case of absence, it is your responsibility to find out the material you missed in class.  See your Pd. folder (front desk) for any papers that may have been handed out.  If there are no papers, still ask a classmate.  Get notes, HW, due dates from a classmate.  Ask Mrs. Varma if you're unsure of anything.  It is your responsibility to obtain and complete missed work within 1-2 days of return (as per district policies).  In case of extended absence, please see Mrs. Varma to determine a reasonable time frame for making up missed work.
    If you are absent on a review day for a test or quiz (but were present for all the material and already have a copy of the study guide), you are still expected to take the test or quiz with the class.   

    Please see me if you have any questions or concerns.  
    General Work
    Labs and Projects
    Tests and Quizzes




    General Work   40%
    Labs and Projects   30%
    Quizzes and Test
Last Modified on September 2, 2020