• The parental portal will open in a new window/tab. If this did not open, please check your browser pop-up blocker settings.
    Click here to access the site
    The web address for the Parent Portal is: https://fridayparentportal.com/matawanaberdeen
    If you do not have your Parent Portal username and password, please contact your child's school.
    Helpful Hints:
    1.  On the portal page there are hyperlinks to access additional information.
    2.  The Parent Portal has not made the difference between 0 (zero) and o (lower case letter).  You may need to try both when entering your temporary password. 
    3.  If you have trouble logging on or for additional information, please email ParentPortalHelp@marsd.org.
    4.  If a family has more than one student in the district they can use the My Account info tab to "link" their students together.
    • Go to My Account
    • Link Students
    • Enter appropriate information:  Code - Port ID from letter, Username, and Passord (also from letter)
    • Click Link button


    As a high school student, you are taking on many new responsibilities.  One of the most important things you can do to be successful is to keep up with your grades and assignments and to check the Student Portal regularly.  Regularly translates to DAILY.  You have access to devices for the better part of your day, and I'm sure you don't go a day without checking social media.  Therefore, be sure to put a "portal check" into your day.

    If you see a grade that you don't understand, don't remember, or think is incorrect, please email me at lpisani@marsd.org.



Last Modified on September 25, 2018