• Be on time for class.

    This means that when the bell rings you are in your seat and prepared to begin class with your Warm Up.  I will not tolerate lateness.


    Be prepared.

    You must have the items listed above, with you during class, so you are ready to learn.  Not being prepared will affect your class participation grade. Don’t forget everyone in this class is here to learn, including myself.


    Be responsible for your own learning.

    If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to make up all missing assignments.  If you neglect to make up missing assignments they will be calculated into your grade as zeroes.  Missing tests and quizzes must be taken after school by appointment.


    Be courteous and considerate.

    One person speaks at a time.  I expect you to address and respond in a respectful manner.  If you would like to be recognized, raise your hand and wait till you are called upon to speak.


    Be positive and encouraging.

    Don’t assume that you are the only student in class who does not understand an idea or concept.  ASK THOUGHTFUL QUESTIONS!  Be an active participant in class and smile, Math class will be fun!

Last Modified on September 26, 2018