• Preparation is the key to SUCCESS...
    We will learn to build upon:
    * Strong Work Ethic
    * Determination 
    * Patience
    * Flexibility
    * Understanding
    2023-2024 Supplies:
    Classroom Donations of any of the following are very appreciated:
    * tissues
    * Clorox / Lysol wipes
    * hand sanitizer
    Please see to it that your child has the following for class each day:
    ~ Chromebook (charged)
    ~ MATH 3 subject notebook (just for this class) 
    ~ MATH folder
    ~ Pencils
    ~ Highlighter 
    ~ Eraser
    ~ Dry Erase Marker to keep for student use 
    ~ Basic 4-function calculator (recommended but will not be used during the first few months)
    ~ Ruler & Protractor for at-home use  
Last Modified on September 2, 2023