FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020

    We're set to go to the Music in the Parks Choral Competition! We'll be leaving MAMS at approximately 9:30 AM and heading over to a Performance Site (TBD) (usually a hotel in Toms River but won't know until March) to perform for a panel of choral adjudicators. The judges will listen to the chorus sing 2 selections and will assess their performance using digital voice recordings. I will receive those recordings to use as an evaluation tool with my students. The students will be "graded" according to how well they performed their selections. Fair, Poor, Good, Excellent, Superior- how well will they do??  You may attend, but absolutely no children (of any age) are allowed in the performance room. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying Six Flags Great Adventure with other middle school music students and then culminating in the Awards Program at approximately 5:00 pm (Movietown Arena near the Batman ride). We will be returning to MAMS at 8:00 PM. All students will need a ride home from MAMS at that time. It is extremely crowded in the parking lot...I would recommend car pooling!

    Students are to wear the chorus shirt which they'll receive before the trip and blue jean shorts (this is what they'll also wear to the concert the night before).  Students will bring a bagged lunch (no bottles or nuts) but should have spending money with them because we are there until 7:00pm.
    Only chaperones are permitted to walk around Great Adventure with the students. Parents may not show up to the park to join their children. ALL STUDENTS MUST RETURN HOME ON THE BUS WITH US. 
    With so many students participating, it is really important that all rules are adhered to. A trip of this magnitude only runs smoothly with the cooperation of all involved.
    Thank you!
Last Modified on January 22, 2020