• Room 105 Procedures

    Hello students and welcome back to another productive school year. In order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment throughout the year, we must learn and follow certain procedures.  Procedures will be followed for all tasks throughout the duration of a class period.  You will learn, experience, and demonstrate these procedures so that they will become routine.  I look forward to a great year and these procedures will enable our class to operate smoothly and maximize learning.


    Beginning a Class Period

    All students are required to come to class on time. Students will line up quietly on the wall outside the door. Upon entering the classroom, students must be in their seats with all materials such as notebooks, textbooks, homework, and writing utensils out and ready to work when the class begins. Students should immediately begin their “DO-NOW”, which will start every class. When completed, students should sit quietly and look over homework, study, or read a book until further directions are given.


    Leaving the Room

    The students should not pack up early unless instructed to do so. Each student is responsible for any trash that might accumulate under or near their desks.  All desks should be placed neatly in their rows.  Students should sit quietly until the rows are released. Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell.


    Using the Lavatory

    If a student needs to use the bathroom, they should raise their hand with their pass. I will sign the pass and the student is responsible for signing out in the back of the room. Upon your return, please sign in the time you return. Please try to limit lavatory use to the beginning and end of the period.  This will minimize disruptions within the class.



    Sharpening Pencils

    Students should sharpen pencils before class has begun. During class students must raise their hands and ask permission before leaving their seats to sharpen pencils. If necessary, I  will lend out a pencil when possible to minimize class distractions.

    Borrowing Supplies

    If a student needs to borrow supplies, it should be done before class begins to minimize distractions. I should be the students’ last resort.  Being prepared for class is a classroom rule.


    Group Work

    In our learning environment, group or partner work is an important component. Sometimes students can choose partners; sometimes it will be random, and other times it will be based on certain criteria.  Who ever your partner is, I expect you respect one another and work to the best of your abilities.  It is imperative that “indoor voices” are used to minimize distractions.  All social distancing guidelines will be followed.


    When a Student is Absent

    It is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher to ask for any make- up work that might have been missed due to an absence. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. You should ask a classmate for any missed notes. Each student will have the phone numbers of at least two classmates in order to find out about any assignments, so you do not fall too far behind.  You are responsible for turning in any assignments that might have been collected.  Assignments must be shown to me within a week of the absence.  I will not chase after you!  All assignments not made up will be given zeros, thus affecting your grade.


    Homework Completion

    Students will have homework regularly. I do try my best not to give homework on Fridays, however this is not always possible. Homework completion is required by every student.  Late homework will not be accepted.


    Bean Bag Chairs

    Sitting in the bean bag chairs is a privilege and will only be utilized during cooperative learning activities. Please ask me before sitting there, as I want to give all students an opportunity to enjoy this space.


    I look forward to a wonderful and exciting year with all of you! I wish you the best of luck and know you will all be very successful.  Mr. G

Last Modified on September 14, 2021