For my class, every student is expected to come prepared to class daily. Items are to be brought to EVERY class. Do not be a repeat pen/pencil offender! It is your responsibility to find a pen/pencil before you walk into class. 
    1)   1-2 Subject Notebook, we will primarily be using Google Classroom, but may do some things in our notebooks throughout the year 

    2) Pens and pencils- Please, ONLY write in blue/black ink when handing in work. I will not accept any other colors on turned in work and it will be handed back to redo. The majority of drafting/written work will be done on Google Classroom.

    3) 1 Folder for handouts

    Post-its (small/medium sized ones): These may be used to spot important parts in writing drafts and/or reading passages, novels, etc. These will be used throughout the year, so please have them daily.

    Tissues are also welcome to be donated to the classroom as "sniffles" approach along with the winter season. If possible, I recommend carrying a small personal pack of tissues with you at all times.

Last Modified on September 5, 2023