•  I think that it is important to keep parents/guardians informed on classroom procedures and routines that are carried out inside my Language Arts Literacy classroom.

    If what you are doing interferes with learning, hurts someone’s heart, or prevents you from being your best self… YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT.”


    It is my expectation that every student will:

    1. Follow all school and classroom rules,

    2. Come to class prepared will all materials and on time,

    3. Complete all assignments and hand them in on time,

    4. Come to class excited and ready to learn, and

    5. Do the absolute best they can possibly do.

     NO STUDENT should leave the class feeling that they don't understand what to do. I also encourage students to come up to me privately if they feel uncomfortable asking questions in front of the class BEFORE they walk out the door of the classroom. I believe that establishing strong communication with all students is essential in their learning process for the year.
    *If you are ABSENT, it is YOUR responsibility to see what was missed. Please refer to the layout of the day and assignments posted on Google Classroom. If you have questions, please reach out through a private message, email me, or ask me in class the day that you return. You have 1 extra day for every day that you are out.
Last Modified on September 5, 2023