•  I think that it is important to keep parents/guardians informed on classroom procedures and routines that are carried out inside my Language Arts Literacy classroom.

    Students are to start to work as soon as they enter my classroom. I will review the routine periodically throughout the first couple of weeks of school so that they will soon automatically know what to do before entering the classroom. There are 5 things that the students are to do when they enter the classroom:

         1) Get materials ready for Language Arts and put them on their desks. All other materials are to be
             put underneath their desks or inside of their desks (if applicable).
         2) Take out homework and leave it on their desks so that it is visible as I am checking
         3) Take out agenda pad and copy down the homework.
         4) Begin the Do Now/Anticipatory Set (directions will be on the board/Promethean Board/overhead)
    While the students are completing the Do Now, I will be checking homework.  At this point in the class, I may  check homework, talk to previously absent students, take attendance, and/or help individual students with material that they may have found difficult on previous homework. I will then ask all students to take out their agenda pads. I will go over directions for the homework and what I expect the students to complete. The students will then have an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the homework when I am finished explaining it. NO STUDENT should leave the class feeling that they don't understand what to do. I also encourage students to come up to me privately if they feel uncomfortable asking questions in front of the class BEFORE they walk out the door of the classroom. I believe that establishing a strong communication with all students is essential in their learning process for the year.
    Here are four of my most important EXPECTATIONS that I have for my students:
         1) Do not enter the classroom in a distracting way because others will already be working and need to
         2) Be courteous of your classmates and your teacher. Please raise your hand and wait to be called on.
         3) Stay in seats unless permission is given to get up. This also means for tissues, garbage,  
             pencil sharpening, etc. *We will discuss procedures together
         4) Have all materials ready and come prepared to class (this means having your homework and pens/pencils).
    If a student is absent, they are to call their study buddies that night and find out the work that they missed. Time was given in class so that the students could copy down at least 3 different study buddies to help them when they don't understand material or when they are absent. It is the student's responsibility to gather material and seek extra help for lessons that they may have missed. The students should make it their mission to find out what work they are missing or work they may have missed when they were not in class. It is not the teacher's responsibility to find the student. A hanging file folder with student's names will be hanging on my door and missed worksheets, instructions, etc. will automatically be expected to be picked up the day following their absence. If questions arise, students are to ask at the end of class, before, or at the end of the day.  
Last Modified on June 21, 2017