Success in Language Arts classes is dependent on a student’s performance in projects, tests or assessments, quizzes, homework assignments, and consistent class participation.



     The following formula is used to determine a student’s report card grade:


                            Final Drafts/Tests/

                            Assessments                  -                      50% of final grade

                            Quizzes/Classwork         -                     40% of final grade

                               Homework/Reflections                   -      10% of final grade


    Writing Assessments/Projects are assigned one to two times per marking period, depending on the size.  Projects are given to extend knowledge of classroom topics and to make connections beyond the classroom.  Projects may include, but are not limited to: research papers, oral presentations, visual constructions, powerpoint presentations, plays, speeches, etc.


    Tests/Assessments/Quizzes Each task that is designed to be a formal assessment of a student’s mastery of subject matter will be assigned either a test/assessment or a quiz grade.  Tests/assessments ask a student to recall and use and apply information learned over a longer period of time.  Tests and assessments cover a larger amount of material than do quizzes.  Quizzes usually ask a student to recall information that has been recently presented in class in a shorter period of time.


    Homework is assigned to provide practice of new skills, to review concepts, and to display understanding of a completed area of study.  It is often also used as a means of providing background for the next class activity. Please do not view homework as a “chore,” it is beneficial for educational growth.  Homework is expected to be completed according to directions and handed in on time. Homework is a very important part of the learning process. Homework is assigned on a regular basis.  It is expected that all homework will be done and handed in on time.  Homework is to be written down by students in their agenda pads every day. If needed, I will sign off on the student's agenda pad if I see that missing homework is becoming a problem. I will also ask parents to sign off when their child has completed the homework every night. Beginning on the first full week of school, any student who turns in their homework late will receive zero credit for that homework (upon my discretion). I will need a written letter from the parent why the student has not handed in the homework to receive any credit for late work. This will also apply for homework assigned on a Friday that is not handed in on Monday.  


    Class Participation is evidenced by coming to class with all required materials, adherence to expectations, and active involvement in all classroom activities. Ex: materials brought to class, ready to work, knows the routine of the day without distractions, hands in homework on time, participates, does classwork, works in groups well, etc.

Last Modified on September 5, 2023