• It is expected that students complete their homework on a daily basis when it is assigned. I have a strict no tolerance policy for late homework. The students be writing their homework inside of their agenda pads, as time is given in class to do this everyday. We also go through directions and my expectations for each homework assignment at this time period in the class. As a result, I expect the homework to be taken seriously and effort put into each and every assignment. I will not tolerate answers that are not in complete sentences, white-lined paper with no proper headings, missing answers, or assignments where directions were clearly not followed. If you do not understand a question, please at least try. I will not penalize you for trying, but I will if you don't put forth the effort to try. If you rush through your homework, you will get it handed back to you to correctly complete. I know you are all very smart students, so do yourselves a favor and put 100% effort into every homework assignment. This is the key to success!
    I believe that homework is an essential part of school and truly beneficial to reinforce skills and assess student learning. If students do not complete their assignments then this will not be able to happen. Students will not practice the skills we are learning and I will not be able to target their problem areas. That is why I expect all homework to be done with effort. Do not be mistaken, even though I don't collect all homework assignments I do check your answers as I walk throughout the classroom. Don't ever copy from another student because both you and that other student will be penalized and both parents will be notified. If homework becomes an issue with any student, I will ask the parent/guardian to sign his/her agenda pad every night and I will sign off on it before they leave my class everyday. This is a form of parent communication that has worked in the past and previous homework issues were resolved with former students.

    Homework will be assigned almost daily on a point value depending on the amount required to complete that night. For instance, some homework assignments may be 10 pts. 5 pts, etc. If the homework is late one day, it will be given zero credit.  Homework assigned on a Friday that is not handed in on Monday will automatically be a zero, no exceptions. If questions are skipped and/or the homework is not fully completed you will either receive zero credit and/or half credit upon my discretion. Homework is not graded, so I expect ALL parts to be done to show me you are trying. I do not ask for a lot from students over the weekend if homework is assigned, so it should not take that long. A lot of these assignments are from work not finished in class that then needs to be completed over the weekend.
    Bottom line: Please, complete your homework on time to avoid any such issues.
    Homework will be assigned on a regular basis, so that means that you will at some points throughout the year have homework on a Friday. Nothing that I assign to you will ever be a surprise.
Last Modified on August 13, 2019