• Study Hall Purpose & Expectations

    Purpose:   Study hall is a time for students to work quietly and independently on homework, prepare for tests/quizzes, catch up on missed assignments, and even read/journal/sketch. Students that arrive to Study Hall without work should be encouraged to read or work on IXL/iReady.


    • Arrive on time. (Arriving late to study hall 4 times will result in detention)
    • Remain seated at your assigned desk for the entirety of the class period. 
    • Students should come to study hall prepared with the materials/books they need to complete school work, study for a test, or read/journal.
    • Cell phones are not permitted to be utilized in Study Hall.
    • Students must utilize a sign out sheet to leave the classroom for any purpose (bathroom, visit to counselor, visit to library, etc). 
    • Only 1 student will be permitted to leave the room at a time.
    • Teachers must monitor the time that a student has been out of the room.
    • Students will remain in seats until dismissal; they will not be permitted to line up in the classroom at the door.
    • Students will move directly to their next class following study hall.


Last Modified on September 3, 2021