• Homework Policy
    Homework is assigned most nights. Ten homework assignments equal one HW grade. Each night, HW can earn 10 points towards the HW grade. Completed HW earns 10 points, ½ completed HW earns 5 points, and incomplete HW earns 0 points. After ten HW assignments, a grade will be placed in the grade book. There will be an average of three HW grades per marking period.
    *Homework is not accepted late, unless you are absent. Homework is due the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise specified by the teacher.
    HW assignments are always written on the board for students to see. Students are expected to write the HW assignments in the agenda book daily. All work must be shown in order to receive full credit on HW.
    Technology – No computer related excuses will be accepted for late projects, reports, homework. E-mails will not be accepted in place of a printed copy unless you have received permission from the teacher beforehand. 

    Absence Policy
    *Student Absence from school or from class (ex: band lesson, trip)
    All students are expected to make up all missed work (notes, classwork, homework, tests, and quizzes). Daily HW assignments are logged on my Google classroom so that absent students may copy their missed assignments. In addition, students need to contact their “Study Buddy” for missed work.  Tests/Quizzes must be made up within a week of returning to school.
    If a student is absent on a day that a project/assignment is due, it is expected to be handed in the day he/she returns, or it will be counted as late.  If a student is in school but is absent from class for band lessons, etc. all work must be turned in THAT DAY before class or it will be marked late.
Last Modified on September 1, 2021