1. Tests = 50%
    Tests/Long term projectswill be announced, written on the board and posted on Google Classroom with plenty of advance notice. Test grades will be posted on the Parent Portal.
    Projects/Long-term Assignments/Projects - will be weighted according to content. Due dates are important; students need to learn responsibility regarding the importance of a deadline as well as time management skills and how to pace themselves. Work in this category submitted late will lose 10 points a day and will earn partial credit after 3 days late. 
    2. Quizzes = 35%
    Quizzes/Short-term Projects/Classwork - quizzes may or may not be announced in advance. In-class projects are often included in this category. Classwork requiring extra time and effort is also included. Quiz grades will be posted on the Parent Portal.
    3. Homework/Classwork/Class Participation/Preparation = 15% 
    Homeworkis assigned most days as a review and reinforcement of current Science concepts. Homework is written on the board in the same spot and is to be copied into the agenda at the start of class. If there is nothing written in for a date, chances are your student didn't bring their agenda to class or did not write homework in during the time given. Only homework completed according to directions and on time will get full credit or 100%; No late homework accepted.
           Classwork - periodically class work assignments will be graded; students should always do their best work. 
    Class Participation/Preparation - Students are expected to be active participants engaged in their learning experience. Students must be prepared with supplies/assignments every day to keep the learning environment running smoothly and efficiently. Students need to work cooperatively and perform responsibilities as group members.
    Absences - It is the responsibility of the students who are absent to get and complete all missed work (homework, classwork, quizzes, tests) from the Absent Tray as soon as they return, even if it's a Social Studies day! To earn 100% credit, work is due in as many days as absent, 50% if submitted past due date and 0 if not done or submitted. Being absent does not excuse students from their assignments. Please reinforce this with your child when they are absent. It's one of the toughest new responsibilities for middle schoolers to follow through on.
Last Modified on September 1, 2023