• Homework is assigned most days and should take no longer than 15 minutes 
    • The purpose of homework is to review and reinforce Science concepts covered in class
      • Homework is graded as follows:  100% - completely done & on time or submitted during allowable time frame when absent  0% - not done, not completed or not submitted when due. No late homework is accepted.
    • Daily warm-up procedures include time given at start of class for students to write homework in Agenda. If there is no homework "None" should be written to avoid confusion. If Agenda is empty then most likely student did not follow procedure or did not bring agenda to class. 
    • Parents: Please check your child's Agenda for homework assignments until they have established a successful routine - Thank you! Check Parent Portal to see that homework is being completed.
    • If Absent: Students are to come and get all missed work as soon as they return; do not wait until next science class! Students have as many days as they're absent to make up their work to receive full credit; see Grading section. Please remind your student of this policy when they are absent-Thank you! 
Last Modified on September 3, 2021