Student Portal/Google Classroom Responsibilities and Chain of Command


    Welcome to Matawan Regional High School! 


    Student Portal Responsibilities

    As a high school student, you are taking on many new responsibilities.  One of the most important things you can do to be successful is to keep up with your grades and assignments posted on Google Classroom and to check the Student Portal DAILY.  You have access to devices for the better part of your day, and I'm sure you don't go a day without checking social media.  Therefore, be sure to put a "portal check" and "Google Classroom check" into your day.

    If you see a grade that you don't understand, don't remember, or think is incorrect, you must see me within one school day from when the grade was posted.  I cannot change any grades after that time period. This is why you MUST check the portal daily.  


    Preferred Chain of Command

    Additionally, I hope to hear from YOU first about your grades, not your parents.  You are now in high school and taking the responsibility of speaking directly to me regarding your progress is something that you must learn to do as you become an adult.  Do NOT email me about your grades.  Speak to me face-to-face about them.   If we cannot solve the issue, then I would be happy to speak to your parents to help clarify the matter.  My email address is located on my webpage for them to contact me.



Last Modified on September 1, 2021