• Matawan Regional High School English Department Grading Policy


    10% Homework


    15% Classwork


    25% Quizzes


    50% Tests/Projects


    Some things to know that are specific to this class:

    Quizzes may be unannounced



    We adhere to the attendance policy in regard to make-up work when you are absent. In summary, you have the amount of days absent to complete the make-up work.  If you are out for 2 days, the make-up work is due in two days.

    You must see me and present the work within the allowed amount of time (or it must be time-stamped in Google).  I WILL NOT ask to see make-up work.  If you do not see me/submit in the alloted time, you will lose credit for the assignments.  Also, if you are absent and miss a test/quiz, you are responsible for the test/quiz upon your return.  All graded work becomes a ZERO if not completed within the attendance policy parameters. This includes TESTS and QUIZZES.

Last Modified on September 1, 2021