• Supplies for Mrs. Wangen's Students:

    *3-ring binder (not a notebook)

    *Loose-leaf paper
    *Graph paper
    *Charged chromebook
    *Dry-erase markers will be provided but you may prefer to use your own

    A scientific calculator will be provided for use in-class. We will use the TI-30XIIS. Any type of scientific calculator would be suitable for home-use, but here is a link to the one we will use in class.  https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-Scientific-Calculator-Accents/dp/B00000JBNX?th=1  
     *Geometry Students: A scientific calculator will be suitable for homework purposes. It is not necessary to purchase a graphing calculator. However, if you would like to purchase one, the TI-89 Titanium is the type that is currently used in the high school Academy Algebra 2 and Calculus courses.
Last Modified on August 30, 2023