• Each student has their own PE locker and should make good use of it to ensure full preparation points. Please put your name on your belongings.
    Phones and Chromebooks should be locked in your locker during class.
    Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather. Be prepared to go outside.  
     A non-hoodie sweatshirt or a windbreaker is a good idea to keep in your locker.  Put your name on those as well.
    If you have an extra pair of sneakers, leave them in your locker too. 
    Antiperspirant/deodorant is always a good idea. 
    Feminine hygiene products can be kept in your locker for personal use.
    A zip-lock bag with your name on it to keep jewelry that you remove for class.  It is the District policy that jewelry should not be worn for class.  Get any new piercings at the start of your Health marking period so that they have time to heal.
    T-shirts, modest shorts, sweatpants, or yoga pants are preferred and allow for free movement.  Jeans and pajama pants are not considered appropriate for PE.  Sneakers that stay safely on the feet and do not mark floors are required.  Crocs in sport-mode are not sneakers!  Tank tops and camisoles are against the District dress code. 
    Water fountains are available outside each gym.  If you choose to bring a water bottle to class, be sure it is not breakable and your name is on it.  Bottles are to be filled with water only- no sport drinks or juices.
Last Modified on September 15, 2023