• PE and Health is a full-year course.  Students will have PE for the full year.  Health classes will be on a pull-out basis to allow for more space in the gyms during the winter months.  Students have the same teacher for PE as they have for Health class.

    All students have been issued a locker for their personal use throughout the entire school year.  For safety and security, we ask students to lock up their belongings in their own lockers.  

     PE Class Procedures: All students are to report to the old gym for attendance. Teachers will allow students into the locker rooms to use their lockers and change their clothes. This is the students' time to use the bathrooms.  Everyone returns to their class attendance line.  Classes using the new gym will be accompanied to that gym by their teachers.  The locker rooms are locked until the end of the period.

    Classes may participate in warm-up, fitness, skill, and game activities as appropriate for the planned activity.  Weather permitting, classes will utilize Gusti Fields.  There is no access to water on the fields; students may bring a water bottle, but will not be permitted to reenter the building for water.  Students should use the bathrooms during locker room time.  There is access to a "port-john" when outside; students will not be permitted to reenter the building to use the bathroom. 

    When class is held in the gym, it may be in either of the gyms. Students do not leave the gym without permission and a pass during class. There is no locker room access during class.   A student arriving late to PE must have a pass.

    At the end of class, students will have access to the locker rooms and then are asked to rejoin their attendance lines and wait for dismissal.


    Health Class Procedures:  Health classes will be scheduled during marking periods 3 and 4.  Students will have a designated room for their health classes.  Once we have the room #s, further information will be posted.  Students will need a pocket folder, paper, something to write with, and their Chromebooks for health class.

Last Modified on September 15, 2023