Grading of General Music will be based on participation in class & concerts, prepared for class, and practice logs. 


     -Participation in band is playing your instrument and following the direction of Mr. Wells.  You must come prepared for class every day with your instrument as well as all of the items needed to properly produce a sound on your instrument such as mouth piece, reed, and sticks.  Students not participating to the expectations of the director will loose 5pts per day.   

    -Practicing is so very important.  Practicing helps to build upon the skills deveoped during band class.  The completion of practice logs we use through google classroom will determine involvment in concerts and other band activities.

    (Students waiting for a rental to be delivered will not have their grade negatively affected. Students not having an instrument 4 weeks past joining the class will be removed) 

    (Students sending instruments out for repair will not have their grade negatively affected.  Instruments being repaired must be done with in a reasonable amount of time.)


Last Modified on September 4, 2020