Homework - Band Students are expected to practice outside of school for at least

            90 minutes a week or roughly 15 minutes a day.


    Students will be expected to log the practicing routine and submit it the final Tuesday of every month.  The students will log the practicing on a form through Google Classroom.  If a student does not submit the required practice log, the student may jeopardize his/her involvement in the band such as concerts, special events and trips.  The first practice log should be submitted on October 22nd.  The class codes can be found below.


    Google Class Room Codes

    6th Grade - qbav0rg

    7th Grade - chng7pp

    8th Grade -9sxkze


    MAMS Band Practicing


    How do you practice?  

    Practice Makes Perfect!  This saying is well known and true but what happens if you practice something wrong.  What you just practiced would be perfectly wrong.  With this idea we have to focus on being better practicers.  The idea of practicing can be a bit confusing, challenging, and down right difficult.  Below I have several suggestions that may make your practice sessions more interesting, productive and maybe a little fun!  


    1. You’re practicing should be part of your homework routine, because it’s your homework.  Let’s say about 15-20 minutes a day.  That practice time could be as soon as you get home from school, at the start of your homework session or at the conclusion.  Try to make practicing part of your daily routine.  Saving you’re practicing for one long session is not productive.
    2. Have a routine for your practicing.  Start with a simple warm-up such as playing though a scale or two in whole notes.  Next, work on a selection of band music that is a challenge.  Lastly play music of your choice, something extra fun!
    3. Work through the music one small section at a time. When working through a piece of music, you may not be able to go through he whole song in the first several read throughs.   Move at a slower tempo and then eventually to the indicated tempo of the music.  Rhythm should be a strong focus followed closely by correct notes.
    4. Find a fun piece of music to play.  The music could be currently on the radio or from a book of music you like to play for fun.
Last Modified on September 4, 2019