• Dribbles from the Gym bballbball


    1.  Students must wear proper attire (Sneakers, no backless shoes, skirts must be worn with shorts underneath).

    2.  Students will be graded based on participation, preparation and good sportsmanship.

    3.  No Jewelry (unless medical or religious), we are allowing the students to wear stud earrings.

    4. Students progress will be tracked using the Lloyd Road baseball diamond chart.

    -If a homeroom has a perfect day they will be moved two bases.

    -If a homeroom has an ok day they will only move one base.

    -If students are not prepared the homeroom will stay on the original base.

    -No homeroom will be able to move backwards on the chart.

    -The homeroom with the most runs at the end of each marking period, will receive a special award.

Last Modified on February 29, 2008