To participate in all activities.  To behave in a way that promotes learning.  To wear proper shoes: sneakers, tennis or athletic shoes.  To wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.  To be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. 

    PARENT EXPECTATIONS:snow boarding

    To encourage your child to be physically active.  To ask your child what they are doing  in P.E. and why.  To send a note when your child needs to be excused from class. 


    The goals of the Physical Education program at Lloyd Road is to help each of our students to:

    1.   Demonstrate an acceptable level of physical fitness.

    2.   Demonstrate an appreciation of regular physical activity and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

    3.   Demonstrate the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.

    4.   Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of scientific principles, rules, and strategies related to physical activities.

    5.   Demonstrate a positive self-concept, appropriate social and emotional behaviors, and an appreciation for individual differences through physical activity.


Last Modified on January 15, 2008