• Below is the grading policy of the fifth grade teaching staff. Please take the time to review it with your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher. We will be happy to discuss them with you.


    1. A student's individual grade is the result of averaging class work, tests, homework, projects, and reports with consideration given to class participation.


    1. All class work will be corrected so that the students and parents are able to assess the level of progress of each lesson. However, only those assignments that measure the progress of skills that have been practiced will be graded and recorded in the teacher's grade book. Students may make many errors when a new skill is introduced, but are expected to reach a proficiency level after some practice.


    1. Graded work is given a numeric value, which is averaged and assigned an equivalent letter grade at the end of each marking period. All letter grades are consistent with the fourth grade report card as follows:

    A+       100-98                       C+       79

    A         97-93                          C         78-76

    A-        92-90                          C-        75

    B+       89-87                          D         74-70*

    B         86-83                          F          69 and below*

    B-        82-80


                In addition, the following grading scales are used on certain assignments:

    5              96

    4              88                                check plus         95

    3              80                                check                 80

    2          72*                               check minus      65*

    1          64*


    * Any work receiving a grade of 70 or below, a 1 or 2, and a check minus must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher.


    1. Tests, projects, and some writing assignments carry twice the value of class work and homework and are averaged accordingly.


    1. Homework is checked for completion and reviewed in class on a daily basis. Students will start each marking period with a 100% homework grade for each subject area. Each missing homework assignment is recorded as -5 points from this grade and a note will be sent home to let you know that your child is missing an assignment.


    1. An excellent record of completed homework will have a positive influence on the student's overall average. A poor record of completed homework can have a negative impact on the student's overall average. Homework can, therefore, affect the "borderline" grade.


    1. Class participation can also influence a final grade. Sharing ideas in class discussions provides valuable feedback for assessing students' knowledge and understanding, so participating is given some consideration in determining the report card grades.
Last Modified on August 19, 2019