• Welcome to Fourth Grade...We Can't Wait to Meet You! 


    Dear Fourth Graders and Families,


         After having experienced learning under remote, hybrid, and a variety of in-school versions over the last few years, we are very excited to continue working with a regular full day at Lloyd Road School.  We want you to know that we are looking forward to having you in our homerooms and can't wait to have the opportunity to continue working with all of you in person throughout the school year.  Although each of us may need some time to get adjusted, there is no doubt that we will do our best to get through all of the exciting changes together. 


         It is our hope that you have been busy enjoying your summer.  Whatever your experiences may have been, we look forward to you sharing them with us.  Now it's time to get your mindset ready to begin a challenging, but very exciting year.  You will be working on Science and Math with Mrs. Eisenberg.  Mrs. Nikolic will work with you in Language Arts and Social Studies. 


         Beginning a new school year within a new school may bring with it many mixed emotions.  We know that it was probably hard to say goodbye to your old schools, teachers, friends, and most of all summer, but know that you will be embarking on a whole new kind of adventure and experience that will bring so many positives and rewards along with it.  Two homeroom teachers, many many friends (old and new) are all awaiting your arrival.  The best part is that we get to share all of these new experiences with you!  We promise to help make your transitions and adjustments as smooth and pleasant as possible.  You will work hard, learn loads, and in the end be ready to move on to become successful fifth graders who will help lead the way for the next group of fourth graders eagerly awaiting their fourth grade journey.
         Please make sure that you look over our supply list (found on my webpage), so that you may be prepared for our time together.  **Don't forget to properly label all of your supplies at home beforehand.  We just don't have the time to waste in school having to organize and label everything.
         Parents-- Please don't forget to log into the parent portal and be sure that you have acknowledged the "Acceptable Use of Computers" policy, so that your child may jump right into working with us at school and/or at home.  We need this form to be completed in order for your child to be able to use their Chromebooks and computers.
         Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation!


    See you soon, 

    Mrs. Nikolic and Mrs. Eisenberg


    Lloyd Road Elementary School

    401 Lloyd Road

    Aberdeen, New Jersey 07747

    (732) 705-5700

    anikolic@marsd.org and reisenberg@marsd.org





Last Modified on August 31, 2023