•  Our 2020-2021 Schedule is listed below 
    Masks breaks will be given every 30-45 minutes outside and students will be taught and encouraged to request breaks when needed. 
    Mondays:  We will be in the life skills room working on job skills, household chores, cooking and other functional life skills.  Students will be take turns each Monday to sanitize, cook and eat independenlty in the kitchen area on Mondays.  They will also attend their elective classes on Mondays. 
    7:20-7:30 unpack/announcements
    7:30-7:55 Yoga Room 609
    7:55-8:30  Morning Meeting
    8:30-10:50 Academics (individualized to meet IEP goals) Room 609
    10:54-11:41 Academics and Social/Leisure Skills
    11:45-12:32 Dance class in the large gym 
    12:36-1:23 Lunch/Game play in Cafeteria
    1:55-2:14 Complete take home folders/Pack up/Dismissal
    Due to Covid-19 all community trips have been cancelled until further notice: 
    When trips are resumed they will include shopping, dining, recreation and work experiences.         
Last Modified on September 3, 2020