We use Everyday Math in Grade 4.  Please check out the Connect Ed website to fins some useful tools and the lessons we are learning in class.  Your child has the login and password to the site in their agenda.
    Your child should also be going on Reflex Math at least 2 times a week right now. The login and password to this website are also in your child's agenda.
    My favorite website you can check out with wonderful math games is mr.nussbaum.com.  Also check out some of the other great games below.


    Learn about geometric shapes with this fast paced game.
    Explore polygons and other shapes by playing with these puzzles!
    Practice working with addition and subtraction by moving trains around!
    Calculate range, median, and mode for a small set of numbers.
    Use your knowledge of maximum, minimum, range, median, and mean
    to choose the right train to travel on in this game!
    practice estimating with this digital hangman game
    "Millionaire" Gameshow style rounding practice
    reveal a hidden picture by matching numbers in digits and words
    Compete against other players in this game of math facts practice!
    It is tons of Fun!
    a quick activity to practice measuring in inches and centimeters

     Some fun math websites! 

Last Modified on September 21, 2016