• In the beginning of the school year the students come in loaded with supplies. They are so excited about all the new stuff they have. As the school year moves on their supplies get used or disappear.  February is a great time to restock in basic school supplies. The most needed items are number two pencils, post-its, black or blue erasable pens and red pens. I will keep you posted if there is anything else your child might need. 

    Student supply list for reading, writing, and Spanish.

     4 composition notebooks
     6 pocket folders
     24 pack of #2 pencils (more in February)
      erasable black or blue pen 
     5 packs of 1 3/8  x 1 7/8 and 3x3 post-its (more in February)
     3 different color highlighters 
     6 pack of glue sticks (more in February)
     1 pair of scissors
     3 boxes of tissues ( more in February) 
     Anti bacterial wipes 
     2 packs of index cards (more in February)
    box of color pencils or fine point markers
Last Modified on August 27, 2017