• Homework is assigned on a daily basis. Students are expected to copy assignments off the board and bring home everything needed to complete it successfully. I highly recommend that they work in the proper environment.( ie away from the T.V. and cell phone) The agenda should be filled out with the date at the top of the page, and homework assignments with due dates. I also recommend that they get in the habit of checking off work as it is completed and put directly back in their backpack. Helping your child follow these steps will assist them in establishing a daily homework routine. The agenda is our way to communicate with each other.

    Every day homework assignments
    Read 20 minutes, respond and log it (Monday through Thursday)
    Writer's choice (Monday through Thursday)
    Vocabulary and spelling list (Monday through Thursday)
    Most importantly, each student is an individual and may need to have thier homework adjusted to their abilities and needs. Please feel free to discuss any homework concerns you may have. I have an open door and open mind policy. :)

    homework queen

Last Modified on August 27, 2017