Ravine Drive Elementary School

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  • RAVINE DRIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, one of three K-3 schools in the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, serves approximately 400 students.  Kindergarten is a full day program. 

    THE PROGRAM: The Core Curriculum consists of reading/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Health and Drug/Alcohol Education is taught at every grade level. This program is complemented by instruction in fine arts, music, physical education,  and computers.   The language arts program is based on a balanced literacy approach in which reading, writing, and spelling are integrated. As part of their instruction, all students participate in Reader's Workshop and Writer’s Workshop.   In addition, the staff utilizes a mobile lab, Promethean Boards and computers located within the classrooms to infuse technology throughout the curriculum. Students are provided with extra assistance through Supplemental Basic Skills, and an ESL tutorial program.  Special education services for classified students are offered on both an in-class support and pull-out basis. 

    CURRICULUM EXTENSIONS: Extra curricula reading activities abound at Ravine Drive for we believe that expert readers become successful students. During the regular school day, upper-class students in grade three are partnered with students in Kindergarten to read with their partners. Ravine Drive also has a during school reading club called Book Talk during which third grade students read novels and participate in literature circles.  In addition, a reading incentive program called "The Great Reading Race” has increased the number of books children read each month and has helped to develop their love for reading, all while providing numerous opportunities for instruction across all areas of the curriculum.  The Great Reading Race also extends into our students' homes as we link parents and other members of the community into our reading movement.  A celebration of reading is held each year on "Read Across America Day.” 

    ABOUT SCHOOL CHALLENGES AND RECOGNITION: Third grade students at Ravine Drive become student leaders on a supervised Safety Patrol.  Select Chorus programs give students opportunities to enhance their individual talents and work in special interest areas.   Students also participate in an Art Show which allows parents and members of the community to share in the creativity of our students.  The students also participate in community activities such as a food drive, a clothing drive, raising funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Red Cross.

    PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Ravine's PTO is most active and provides financial support to students and staff in a myriad of ways such as: field trips, classroom libraries, and assemblies.   


    At Ravine Drive School we continue to achieve excellence by successfully delivering a content-rich program, by helping our students develop and enhance their learning skills and by creating a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning. Our high standards, superior instructional strategies and comprehensive curriculum promote outstanding achievement of every student.