The focus this year is on making the right choices for good health. 
    The Power to Choose
    Our curriculum uses a variety of tools to explore the following topics: 
    • Body parts and systems: how it works, its problems and how to care for it
    • Foods: how they fuel the body, making healthy food choices and proper food handling
    • Families: growing and changing, types of families, how families change, family responsibilities
    • Feelings: types of feelings, how to handle them, attitudes, values and goals
    • Disease Prevention and Awareness: an introduction to noncommunicable and communicable diseases
    • Drug awareness: medicines, tobacco, alcohol, addictions
    • Safety: being safe at home, at school and in the community.


    In our exploration, we will: 

    • Use decision making steps to make the right choices
    • Examine rewards and consequences with regard to health.
    • Predict consequences to avoid unhealthy choices



    e-mail: pchurch@marsd.org
Last Modified on November 6, 2020